Hacking Microsoft Office Outlook's Inbox for email addresses
You probably have a ton of email addresses lurking in your Microsoft Office email mail box but you've not had an easy way to get them. I had this problem, so I figured out a way to easily extract all these email addresses from my Outlook inbox. Simply follow the steps below and then you'll have a ton of clean email addresses you can use.

Step 1: 6 steps to hack Microsoft Outlook's Inbox for email addresses

This method should work with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Download and install this free software at http://www.jgilmore.com/emaillistmanager/EmailListsetup.exe
  • Make sure Outlook is open and you are looking at the Inbox.
  • Press [Ctrl-A] to select all the messages. All the entries in your Inbox should be highlighted.
  • Select File:Save As "outlook.txt"
  • Run and switch to Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager.
  • Select File:Import "outlook.txt"
  • Step 2: Final word on hacking Microsoft Outlook's Inbox for email addresses

    Now that you have a clean sorted list of email addresses you can use, and they're all yours!At this point, the email addresses are in a simple text file, one email address per line. This canbe used by any email client program like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Expresss, Constant Contact, etc.

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