Hi! Ms Sweet Satisfaction here at Instructables HQ. I decided our community was so awesome it deserved more free PRO membership, therefore off we go!

Welcome to our second round of EXTREME Commenting. Leave 5 unusually nice comments and nominate someone to get 3 months of PRO membership to get a free 1 year PRO membership!

It feels good to get a nice comment, and we want to encourage that. We already reward prolific commenters with a gold medal on their You page, but you can't download PDFs or use inline HTML with a medal. PRO memberships are worth ca$h, and you can even give them as gifts. So we're giving them away to nice folks like you who leave nice comments on cool projects that don't have very many comments yet.

Lastly if you know a project that didn't get the attention you think it deserved part of this game is nominating someone to receive 3 months of PRO membership. It's definitely a way to make someone feel special, and it's like you have a mini featuring power in your possession.

Step 1: Find Some Instructables!


Specifically find 5 instructables that have less than 10 comments on them! As you can see above the instructable I found only had 1 comment, lets fix that!

Step 2: Leave a nice comment!


Not just any nice comment though, an EXTREMELY nice comment. Here we're counting that as a full paragraph written to be the nicest most constructive 3-5 sentences you can possibly compose.

Feel free to crack jokes and be your usually silly self, or unusually silly self, but remember this is all about encouraging authors!

Step 3: Find an Instructable you want to give 3 months of PRO membership for!


Maybe you know one already, or you might have to do some searching about. Either way it's a really nice compliment. It has to be one that follows these rules though: hasn't been featured yet, and has 10 comments or less. The goal is to get under appreciated instructables more attention here.
So find an Instructable that you believe is worth 3 months of PRO membership! Then comment the following:


As a part of the EXTREME Commenting event that is running on the site we receive 3 months of PRO membership to give to a person of our choosing. I think this instructable is awesome and therefore I am choosing you to receive my 3 months of PRO membership!

If you're interested in earning a full year, or if you know someone else that deserves this compliment as well please feel free to come play with us by clicking the link http://www.instructables.com/id/EXTREME-COMMENTING...

Step 4: Come Back Here!


Once you've completed your EXTREME commenting for 5 instructables come back here to this one! Comment on this instructable leaving the links to the 5 instructables you commented on.

And either in the same comment or a later one tell me who you nominate, a link to the instructable, and that you commented telling them so!

Step 5: My turn!

Once I have seen you comment(s) below I will give 1 year of PRO membership to be redeemed at a time of your choosing! Then I will hop over to your nominee's instructable and give them 3 months of PRO membership!

Step 6: Enjoy the PRO membership!


What can you do with PRO membership?

Well first off you can download PDF versions of instructables. This means printer friendly versions without ads or comments (or with comments if you want). Wouldn't it be awesome if you were holding a craft or build night and everyone got their own set of instructions instead of the whole group gathering around the one computer screen. Or if you were going camping having your instructables while communing with nature without the internet.

Secondly PRO members get discounts at various business. The line up changes periodically but current if you are a PRO member you get a discount at the following businesses: Adafruit, Lion Brand Yarns, Monkeylectric Lights, Lumi, and littleBits Thirdly, as stated in the intro you can use inline HTML in your instructables. This allows to do all sort of effects with photos as shown here. Lastly PRO members are shown less ads around the site. If you find the ads intrusive this is probably the easiest way to get rid of them.

This round the game has no time limit, we'll play until no one feel like playing anymore!


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