Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case
Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case

I wanted to make a nice case for my Raspberry Pi that anyone could easily build using common hand tools and easy to find, cheap materials. The total cost of material was about $10.

The only tools that are needed are a pair of tin snips capable of cutting 20 gauge metal sheeting, a pipe cutter or hacksaw and a drill and some 400 grit sand paper.

Materials can be found at your local hardware store or hobby shop. Ace and Hobby Lobby both stock the copper sheet and brass tubing.

The assembled case is surprisingly rigid and offers moderate protection for the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Tools & Material

Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case
Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case
Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case


Tin Snips

Drill & 3/16" Bit

Pipe Cutter or Hacksaw

Ruler & Pen

400 Grit Sand Paper (Finer sandpaper required for finishing)


.025" Copper Sheet (4"x10")

.25" Brass Tubing

4) 6-32 x 1 1/4" Brass Machine Screws

4) 6-32 Brass Hex Nuts

4) 6-32 Knurled Thumb Brass Nuts

4) Motherboard Standoff Risers (salvaged from old PC case)

4) Riser Screws (not shown)

Step 2: Cut Copper Sheet to Size

Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case

.025" Copper sheet is very easy to cut and work with.

Cut two 3" x 4" pieces.

I cut the two 3" x 4" pieces off the ends of the sheet because the piece was already 4" wide it was the perfect size.

Step 3: Drill & Shape Corners

Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case

Drill the four corner holes for the brass tubes and two holes for Raspberry Pi B or four holes for the B+

You can then shape the corners by first rough snipping off the bulk and finish them by sanding with 400 grit sandpaper.

Step 4: Cut the Brass Tubing

Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case

Cut the brass tubing into four 1" pieces using the pipe cutter or hacksaw.

Step 5: Mount Raspberry Pi and Finish

Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case
Easy $10 Copper Raspberry Pi Case

Use the four 6-32 hex nuts and risers to mount your Pi and finish assembling. I used the thumb nuts for feet but hex nuts will also work.

Using fine sandpaper will achieve a nice finish or if you weren't to rough on the copper it should patina nicely.

Now I'm really looking forward to putting this Pi to use!

Thanks for viewing!


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