DIY mini drill
Hi guys, this is my first instructable, my english is bad, I take terrible photos, so... :)
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a cheap drill.


-DC motor
-Terminal block

Note: I found that the diameter of the compasses' leg's are 3mm in most cases. So try to find a motor with a 3mm axle, and the holes on the terminal should be 3mm too. With a 3mm terminal you can use any dremel tool, if you replace the "chuck".



Not necessary:
-Electrical tape

Step 1:

DIY mini drill
DIY mini drill
Take apart the compasses, we need the component marked on the picture.
Actually, it is a mini chuck. :)

Step 2:

DIY mini drill
DIY mini drill
Now take apart the terminals with a knife. Remove the plastic, we only need the inner metal part.

Step 3:

DIY mini drill
Mount it on the motor.

Step 4:

DIY mini drill
Insert the compasses leg into the hole.
I replaced the screws with newer ones.

Step 5:

DIY mini drill
Now we are ready. :) If you want you can solder wires and a switch to it. I didn't solder them, because I use it with crocodile clips.

You can easily use 2-2.5 mm drills, for the smaller ones you need to put on some electrical tape or thin wire to the drill to fit in the chuck.

Step 6:

DIY mini drill
DIY mini drill
Now try it on an old PCB, or something else.
I give 12 volts to it from an old ATX psu.

Step 7:

DIY mini drill
Here is my first DIY drill, I made it before the instructable. Actually it is the same, but I mounted a push button to it, and I put on some electrical tape so it is more ergonomic. :) I made this for only PCB drilling so this is why the the drill bit is so short.

Step 8: One more thing - new screws for the terminal

DIY mini drill
DIY mini drill
So I decided to add more steps, to make our drill better.

Finishing touches...

I didn't like the old one with the two long screws, so I made two mini screws.

First of all, find a screw which fits in your terminal. Put it into a vise or grip it with a plier.(I don't like the original screws, they are "weak")
Then take a saw and cut them or you can use your DIY drill :) - fortunately, all of the dremel tools fit in the terminal.

Step 9: One more thing

DIY mini drill
Then cut a small line on the top of the screws.

Step 10: Last thing

DIY mini drill
Last step, I promise. :)
Not necessary, but you should do this. Take your mini chuck (the compasses' leg), and place it in a vise or grip it with a plier. Then we need a small metal or diamond file, and you have to make a small flat area on the chucks axle. (The reason why I did this - the screws in the terminal will provide a better grip on a flat area than on a circular axle)

Step 11: The finished drill

DIY mini drill
DIY mini drill
Now we are ready, I guess. I think it looks better.

Step 12: The finished-finished drill

DIY mini drill
DIY mini drill
I found a small plastic tube and my motor perfectly fits in it. :) Then I put on some heat shrink pipe, so now it is indeed finished.

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