DIY Metal Etcher

This project can use as engrave any metal product or if you giving a gift you can etch your name on it wright draw somethings be creative have used a stencil because my my free hand drawings are bad.

Step 1: Things what you need for this project

DIY Metal Etcher
DIY Metal Etcher

Power Adapter Between 6V -12V

2 Aligator clips

Small piece of jumper wire

Stensil (if you are good at drawing free hand don't need it )

Step 2: How To Do It

DIY Metal Etcher
DIY Metal Etcher

In here i have used 12V A/C power adapter you can use old phone charger or old router power supply


1st step

connect alligator clips to the power adapter (i have cut out the wire on this adapter because this wire is not enough for this project )

2nd step

clip the piece of jumper wire to the alligator clip

connect the other alligator clip to the metal that you gonna use for etching

now you all done check the video how i did it

Step 3: DEMO

DIY Metal Etcher
DIY Metal Etcher

I Have used old floppy drive here you can use any metal surface for this etching

When you done clean the surface with some paint thiner or rubbing alcohol

thanks for watching hope you enjoy feel free to comment if you have any problems or question ;)

Step 4:


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