DIY LED Projector
DIY LED Projector
DIY LED Projector
DIY LED Projector

Everybody likes to watch their favorite movies or sports on a big screen so they plan to buy a video projector. I am also crazy about projectors, but they are too costly. HD projectors available in the market have a starting price of approx. 30,000/- INR. This is way out of my budget so I planned to make myself an HD projector that projects about a 100" screen.

After lot of research on Google I decided to make the pj with a 100w high power led and a 7" 1280*800 LCD panel. The LED consumes very little power and has a very long life.

Step 1: Here is the Video " How i Made This Projector "

Step 2: Things that i used in my pj.

DIY LED Projector
DIY LED Projector
DIY LED Projector
DIY LED Projector
  • Play wood (mdf) sheet to make box
  • Fresnel lens. I used 120mm fl and 185 mm fl

  • Triplet lens. I used 200mm fl

  • Condenser lens

  • 100w high power led with driver

  • LCD panel and its controller. I used 1280*800 7"
    HD lcd and controller.

  • 12v adapter for exhaust fan and lcd

  • Cpu exhaust fan to make projector cool

  • CPU heat sink for led .

    Step 3: The basic concept of making pj

    DIY LED Projector

    Step 4: Lens arrangement in Projector -

    DIY LED Projector
    DIY LED Projector

    Step 5: Final Projector Ready For Action

    DIY LED Projector
    DIY LED Projector

    Front and Back View of Projector

    Step 6: Component Detail and total cost

    DIY LED Projector
    DIY LED Projector
    DIY LED Projector

    After lot of comments i update here component detail and total cost to make this projector

    1. 100w led and driver : One can easily find 100w led and driver on I bought mine on @ 1500/- INR.

    High power 100W white

    Chip size: 24*40mil

    Color temperature: 6000-6500k

    Luminous intenity: 8000-9000lm

    Forward current: 3000mA

    Driver voltage: 30-36V

    Light angle: 160deg

    Integrated scheme: 10 in series, 10 in parallel

    2. Fresnel Lenses : It is very hard to find perfect combination of fresnel lenses in India. Luckily i find perfect set of lenses on The total cost of 2 fresnel lens occur around 1500 /- INR.

    Fresnel Lenses:

    Focal Length: F120mm Back Fresnel,

    Focal Length: F185mm Front Fresnel,

    Material: PMMI Material

    Groove Pitch: 0.3

    Size: 180mm X 130mm with mounting holes.

    3. Triplet Lens (projection lens) : The total cost of triplet lens is 3600/- INR. It is also bought from

    200mm Projection Lens


    Fixed Focal Length: F200mm

    Outer diameter: 90mm

    Lens Diameter (Aperture): 75 mm

    Focus range: 45mm

    Material: Strong Aluminium and Strong Plastic

    Coating Material: Coating 420-680nm multi layer broadband anti-reflection coatings

    Control Standards: Diameter: +0 /-1%. Focal Length: +/- 1.5%

    4. LCD panel : I use N070ICG-LD1 HD LCD Panel and Controller Kit in this projector. It is the best available LCD in 7" size and controller support all input like HDMI, Pandrive, AV,TV in and VGA. It is also come with remote so easily can control pj remotely. The total cost of this LCD with controller around 6000/- INR.

    LCD Features:
    N070ICG LD-1 is a 7 inch HD LCD with native resolution 1280 X 800 It delivers a sharper image with good colours. This is very unique LCD.

    Size: 7"

    Backlight: LED

    Resolution: 1280 X 800

    Ratio: 16:10

    Colours: 16 6 Bit dithering)

    Glass Thickness: 0.25mm

    Make: Innolux

    Contrast Ratio: 800

    Pin: 40

    Surface: Glare

    Operating Temperature: - 20 to + 60 degrees

    Controller Features :

    HD Controller, will work with N070ICG LCD. This controller comes with remote and you can operate almost all with remote itself. The USB port can Play Most of the Videos Format flawlessly.

    5. Condenser Lens: I also use condenser lens to increase brightness of screen. This Rectangular Aspheric Condenser when used, the brightness throughout the corners are brighter. This lens come around 650/- INR

    DIY Projector Rectangular Aspheric Condenser Lens


    Overall size : 62X52

    Focal Length: 70mm

    Suitable LCDs: 7" and below

    Suitable Fresnel Lens: F120 Back Fresnel.

    Mounting: Condenser back surface Area should be 1mm Away from LED surface area for better results.

    Total Cost Of Projector :

    100w led and driver 1500/-

    Fresnel lens 3000/-

    Triplet lens 3600/-

    LCD and Controller Kit 6000/-

    Condenser Lens 650/-

    12v adapter, 2pcs. cpu fan, box material etc cost 500 /-

    Now final cost of Projector is 14800 /- INR


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