DIY Lavalier Microphone

Hi guys! Today I'm going to teach you guys how to make a lavalier microphone out of household items! You plug this device into your smartphone record your audio as you record your video and then sync it up on your editing software!

Equipment List:

1. Any earphones with a microphone attached to it

2. A hot glue gun

3. Snips

4. A clip or tie clip

5. Scissors

Step 1: Cut the earbud off

DIY Lavalier Microphone

First take your snips and cut the earbud and cord off on the side without the microphone attached to it.

Step 2: Cut the second earbud off

DIY Lavalier Microphone

Next take the earphone cut the earbud off right above the microphone. Do this carefully so you don't damage the mic.

Step 3: What you should be left with

DIY Lavalier Microphone

Then you should be left with a microphone attached to a wire with a 3mm headphone jack.

Step 4: Attach the mic to your clip and explination on how to use it

DIY Lavalier Microphone
DIY Lavalier Microphone

Almost done with the project! Lastly take your hot glue gun and put some glue along the microphone. Make sure you do this on the back of the microphone because you don't want the glue to be blocking your microphone. Then take your clip and stick it to the microphone. Hold it till its dry. When it has dried, you have yourself a home made lavalier! To use it, plug your lavalier into your smartphone or a device that you can record audio on. Turn your camera on, record your video. Then put the audio and video file onto your editing software and sync it up. You can just eyeball the sound waves from your video audio and your audio file so that they match up. Afterwards mute the video files audio and there you have it! Thanks for looking at this project!


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