DIY Guitar AMP (LM386)
DIY Guitar AMP (LM386)
DIY Guitar AMP (LM386)
DIY Guitar AMP (LM386)
DIY Guitar AMP (LM386)

This is a small and powerful amp that can connect any guitar iPod

I made this this casing out of a Toyota motor oil can

Step 1: Parts that you gonna need



10uf -3


10k Potentiometer





4ohm speaker

1/4 inch aux base

1/4 inch to 3.5 mm audio converter

piece of perf board

Toggle Switch

9v battery clip

Step 2: Schematics

DIY Guitar AMP (LM386)

Step 3: Things that in this Guitar AMP

DIY Guitar AMP (LM386)

Step 4: DEMO

this is just a idea you can make awesome covers like i do here be creative and do more recycling and save earth

hope you all enjoy my intractable if you have any question feel free to comment thank you !


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