DIY GoPro Bungee Mount

Check out the video below to learn how to make your own DIY GoPro bungee mount!

Step 1: Materials

DIY GoPro Bungee Mount

10" bungee cord (part of $1 6-pack from Dollar Tree)

12" bungee cord (part of $1 6-pack from Dollar Tree)

½" 90 degree Cross Tee $1.46 (Lowe's)

14-20 Hex nut $0.26 (Lowe’s)

Wing Nut for 1/4-20 screw $1.24/2-pack (Lowe’s)

Hillman Group 5-Count #14-20 x 2-in Oval-Head $1.98 (Lowe’s)

GoPro Tripod mount

5/16" drill bit

¼" drill bit

7/32" drill bit

a pair of pliers

Step 2: Watch the video for details! :-)

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Step 3: Bungeeing to thicker things?

DIY GoPro Bungee Mount

The two-bungee design is the basic design, but you're not limited to what size bungee or Cross Tee you can use initially. You may want to use a bigger sized Cross Tee (ie: 3/4") or use an extra long bungee like I did here and hooked it to the smaller bungee.

Step 4:

DIY GoPro Bungee Mount

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