DIY easy car HUD
DIY easy car HUD

HUD is an abbreviation for heads up display and it is mostly used in aircrafts. and I recently saw an article about an HUD system for GPS navigation in cars. i read the article and i was pretty impressed by how useful it might be. i mean i don't have to get 5 close car crashes while holding my phone. back to the article at the very end in the last paragraph i read something like " this HUD can be bought for 350$". then i was like screw this no HUD for me too much money.

now i thought about it and the concept behind it. and found out i can make my own HUD and the only con is that i have to be familiar with backward reading because the image is flipped so i have to read from right to left not the normal left to right way.

(this is best for GPS navigation and i don't encourage any individual to use it for other things because that might cause a fatal car accident.)

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Step 1: The materials

DIY easy car HUD

the material are simple and pretty available they are:

  • phone this is the main thing you need because what you are using for GPS navigation is your phone.
  • phone case or velcro you need these to make the phone not able to slide. i mean you don't want to end up having a broken phone. do you?
  • and last you need black window tint or something dark(optional) please see your states law about front windshield tint. this is so the HUD would be visible to your eye at mostly all conditions.

    Step 2: The postion of the phone

    DIY easy car HUD

    first of all you need to find the perfect place for your HUD just let your phone get some distance from the windshield.

    the phone should also be facing the windshield so if you pick it up it will be upside-down for you.

    Step 3: Making the base of the HUD

    DIY easy car HUD
    DIY easy car HUD

    to make the base you need the hot glue and phone case what your gonna do is hot glue the phone case in the place you wanted the phone to be positioned.

    Step 4: The window tint(optional)

    DIY easy car HUD

    you might already know what to do here. but anyways all you have to open your phone and sit back on the drivers seat. you will see a slightly see able HUD unless its night time then you see a full HUD. then cut a piece of window tint about 1-2 inches bigger than the display you saw. after that you want to apply the window tint on that place where the HUD is displaying. give it a final run.then sit back and enjoy what you have made.

    Step 5: Final result

    at the end you will have a car HUD for GPS navigation.

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    wear your seat belts and stay safe.

    please no hate comments.

    tell me if you have any suggestions.


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