Create self extracting zip and rar files
Create self extracting zip and rar filesFirst get a copy of winrar. Just google it download and install.launch winrarfor better resolution pics and win rar go here

Step 1: Add files etc

Create self extracting zip and rar files
next navigate to the directory with the files you want to zip
highlight the files and click add in the upper left hand corner
a second box will appear choose either a zip or rar file
Then name it whatever you want and click browse to save it where you want to.

Step 2: Advanced tab

Create self extracting zip and rar files
then click the advanced tab
then SFX option
in the path to extract to section you can eeither type the complete directory such as
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures
or choose the other options.
then click OK and OK again
The result will be a Self Extracting zip/rar file
and it will save the file in the same directory you were choosing the files to zip

Step 3: Next we will use this for something really usefull

next I am going to create another instructable that will show many uses for creating these files.
such as
copying stand alone exe files to system32 to launch them from the run command
and copying files back to a computer that had the operating system reinstalled.
and some more. with links to those files.
so keep checking back!!!!!!

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