Controlling wash out in macro photography
One of the problems with macro mode on many digital cameras is the flash washes out details. The best way to control this is, of course, to avoid using the flash or us an accessory light like the one Whiteoakart linked to in the brilliant instructable However if you do need flash, and your cheap POS camera has poor flash metering here's what to do.First you'll need1(one) Cheap Digital Camera1(one) sheet mailing labels1(one) pair scissors

Step 1: Step One

Controlling wash out in macro photography
Take up sheet of mailing labels in your left hand, sinister people may chose to use the right hand.

Step 2: Step Two

Controlling wash out in macro photography
Peel off 1 (one) mailing label

Step 3: Step Three

Trim mailing label to a shape that approximates the flash aperture on you camera. Apply mailing labal over flash on camera. CAUTION!! Do not obscure any orifices located adjacent to flash.

Pictures omitted for clarity.

Step 4: Step Four

Controlling wash out in macro photography
Repeat picture.

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