Coil Building

Coils are used for all sorts of things, like radio's, FM Transmitters, and even generators like the Tesla Coil.

What i'm going to do is show you how to make a coil fast and easy under a minute!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Coil Building

What you will need is:

#18 Solid Core Copper Wire

Anything to wrap your wire around (preferably a 1/4" bolt).

Scissors & Wire Strippers

That's All!

Step 2: Cut About 10" of Wire

Measure 10 inches of wire, and cut it.

Step 3: Strip the Wire

Coil Building

Get your wire strippers and remove all insulation.

Step 4: Wrap the wire around your object of choice

Coil Building

I used a 1/4" bolt but pretty much any round object will work.

Step 5: Now, trim the ends and slide or screw it off

Coil Building

You're done!!!


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