CMD Commander v3
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I've read a few Instructables about playing with school computers in which people complain about how difficult it is to open Command Prompt. Yes, you can usually find a way past the school restrictions, or you can download Command Prompt Portable from, but I have a batch file that will do the exact same thing.

Step 1: The Script

CMD Commander v3
To make CMD Commander, Version 3 (so-named because it commands the Command Prompt program), simply copy/paste the following into NotePad:@echo offcolor 0a:Inputtitle @ %CD%echo.set/p "command= +++> "%command%goto InputSave as a batch file (CMD Commander.bat, All Program Files), and run it. You now have a portable Command Prompt that is only a few bites in size (miniscule)!

Step 2: Commanding CMD

CMD Commander v3
CMD Commander will allow you to do almost anything you can do with the real Command Prompt. Just type in a command and you can navigate directories, delete files, or shut down the computer without bypassing the computer's security. Just place it on your flash drive and it becomes completely portable (or simply memorize the basic code, and you can type it into NotepPad in about a minute). Unfortunately, you can't do anything with variables (attrib %CD% -h, echo %TIME%) because the command you give is stored in a variable, and a variable stored in a variable just gives the name. If you need to use a variable for something using CMD Commander, use the follwing script and enter "goto Extras" into the program.

@echo off
color 0a
title @ %CD%
set/p "command= +++> "
goto Input

goto Input


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