Cloud in a Bottle
Hello everyone! I'm sure you've all wondered how clouds are made and if you can make them yourself. Well, Now you can!

With only simple materials and processes you can recreate this elemental marvel in your own home and I will show you how!

I hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Gather Materials

Cloud in a Bottle
All you will need is:
1 small piece of paper
1 igniting source
1 plastic drinks bottle (the larger the better!)
Water supply

Step 2: Prepare the atmosphere

Cloud in a Bottle
Cloud in a Bottle
Cloud in a Bottle
You will need to fill the bottle with a small amount of water, temperature and clarity isn't important.

Once you've filled the bottle up to about 1 inch of water, give it a squeeze!

What's happening inside the bottle is when you squeeze it, the pressure of its contents increases. As does its temperature. This simulates the atmosphere when there is high pressure and low pressure and its a key factor when creating clouds.

A few squeezes is all it takes to increase the humidity level of the bottle to about 100%

Step 3: Introduce the "Condensation Nuclei"

Cloud in a Bottle
Ignite a small piece of paper and promptly extinguish it. Take the lid of the bottle and squeeze out a portion of its air then draw in the smoke from the end of the paper. Our "Condensation Nuclei" will be microscopic particles of smoke.

Condensation Nuclei is the most critical element of cloud forming. It is the seed of a cloud as it enables water molecules to form on its surface. This materials can be dust, pollen, smoke, anything of minute size and mass. When the atmosphere's pressure drops, so does the temperature, allowing for water to "condensate" on the dusts surface, creating a humid environment. When it's humid enough, rain falls!

Step 4: Let us make clouds!

Now here comes the miracle moment! Creating clouds. for the YouTube link (and my channel)

Squeeze the bottle one more time as hard as you can! This dramatically increases pressure and temperature of the water vapour inside then when you release, prepare to be dazzled! This can be repeated many times and then the cloud can be squeezed out of the bottle.

You've created true clouds inside a bottle!

Well done and I hope you've enjoyed :)


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