Chat Program

This is no fake, the CMD program that I will show you how to make is a chat program. You can message your friends or family in school or at home!

Step 1: Open Notepad

First, you need to open "Notepad". Just press the Windows button and search notepad.

Step 2: The Code (1)

Chat Program

Now this may seem hard to understand or difficult to comprehend, but it's not. If you don't want to type all of this, just copy paste. There are two programs that need to be in the same folder that we will make. This is the first.

Warning: This is the messenger part of the programs.

@echo off
color 0b

title Chat Messenger

echo Hi, welcome to the chat program!


set /p username=Enter Your Name:

echo %username% has joined! >> join.dat

:message set /p message=Say:

goto send


echo %username%: %message% (%time%)>> log.dat

goto message

Now, copy this into notepad and save it in folder. Name the file as messenger.bat

Step 3: The Code (2)

Chat Program

This is the receiver part of the code, save this as receiver.bat in the same folder.

Warning: This is the receiver part!!!

@echo off
color 0b



type join.dat


type log.dat


timeout /t 2

goto read

Save in the same folder as the other program.

Step 4: Try Them Out!!! :)

Now just open both programs, type in your name, and say something. Boom! You just made a chat program. Now all you have to do to chat with others is share the folder with them!


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