Cell charger from bike battery

frnds the small box i have only one option for me here to get smaller and smart on design of this cell charger from bike

so i decided to make a ciruit using LM7805 regulater such small that it fits inside this box so it can be water prrof and also convineint to use inside the cover of bike

here in our country there is also problems of dust and also my bike sometimes gets stand in rain for hours so i have to choose this design

Step 1: Inside picture of BOx

Cell charger from bike battery

ok guys this is the picture of of the ciruit i have made soo only two wires coming out from this box can be directly connected to battery and then u can plug in the usb cable for charging moslty that charge on 5v usb ports all such cell phones can be charger from this box :P so it is again very simple cheap design i made it for me hope u like it


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