Bottle Bottom Phone Stand

An easy phone stand transformed from an empty PET bottle for my 6.3" screen Samsung Mega phone.


  • A 2-litre PET bottle of any soft drink. Selection of bottle size may vary according the phone size.


  • Cutter
  • Scissors

    Step 1: Cut the bottle into shape

    Bottle Bottom Phone Stand
    Bottle Bottom Phone Stand

    Cut the bottle along the dotted line and the stand is done. Requires no glue, no screw.

    Step 2: Place the phone on stand

    Bottle Bottom Phone Stand
    Bottle Bottom Phone Stand

    The stand supports 2 orientations.

    For Portrait view, rest the phone inside the bottle.

    For Landscape view, rest the phone on the notch.

    If a smaller bottle is used, both views may need to rest the phone on the notch.

    Step 3: Different viewing angle

    Bottle Bottom Phone Stand

    In case of using rubber made protective case, it gives a firm grab between the phone and the stand holding it in the desire angle.

    As the base of the stand is round in shape, it gives a flexibility to fit different sizes of phone.


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