Bike Volt

This report explains step by step how the project was constructed. Bike- Volt consists in a voltage rectifier that takes AC from a dynamo (that works with the wheel spin of a bike) and rectifies it (DC) in order to supply voltage for cellphone charging.


-1 dynamo.

-4 diodes (1N4007).

-1 capacitor 1000 uF at 35 volts.

-1 regulator (LM7805).

-1 capacitor 100 uF at 25 volts.

-1 capacitor 0.1 uF at 205 volts.

-1 female USB port.

Step 1:

Bike Volt

In a protoboard, put four diodes in the same order as picture or build a diodes bridge.

Note: Protoboard with four 1N4007.

Step 2:

Bike Volt

Connect two wires (cathode-cathode and anode-anode) with any of the possible nodes to make a parallel circuit.
Note: First wire, is to connect the positive terminal and the second terminal goes to ground.

Step 3:

Bike Volt

Connect, in parallel, the capacitor of 1000uF at 35 volts.

Note: Wire the capacitor with the positive terminal in the first one and the negative terminal to the second one.

Step 4:

Bike Volt

Connect the voltage regulator (LM7805). The first pin goes to Vcc, the second one goes to GND and the third one, goes to Vcc.
Note: Voltage regulator has three pines. The first one is the signal input, the second one is ground and the third is the rectified signal.

Step 5:

Bike Volt

Connect, in parallel, the capacitor of 25 volts.
Note: Use the active nodes, to wire in parallel the capacitor.

Step 6:

Bike Volt

Wire the capacitor (104), in parallel as the picture.

Note: Use the active nodes to wire in parallel the capacitor.

Step 7:

Bike Volt

Connect Vcc and GND to the circuit and the entrance of the generator function to simulate or other device to turn on your circuit.
Note: The motor will simulate our dynamo or the AC source.

Step 8:

Bike Volt

This is the final step. Connect a female usb in the terminals of the capacitor. There is going to give the 5 volts necessary to charge your phone or other device that requires 5 DC volts.
Note: Check out the datasheet of the female usb for an appropriate connection.

Step 9: URL for the demonstration of the circuit


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