Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)
Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)

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  • Arduino Uno REV 3
  • Seeed Ethernet Shield V1
  • Ethernet Cable CAT-5
  • WiFi Modem (Preferably Motorola Surfboard)

    Step 1: Connect Seeed Ethernet Shield To Arduino PINS

    Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)

    Connect Ethernet Shield

    Get The Seeed Ethernet Shield And Connect It As Shown In The Picture To The Arduino Uno.

    Step 2: Connect Arduino To Your WiFi Modem

    Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)

    Connect Arduino To WiFi Modem With Ethernet Cable

    First Connect Your Arduino To Your Computer For Programming, Then Use Your Ethernet Shield To Connect It To Your WiFi Modem And Continue To The Next Step.

    Step 3: Start Programming Your Arduino Ethernet Web Server

    Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)

    Program Your Ethernet Web Server

    This Step Can Be A Little Difficult If You Have No Experience With HTML/CSS. I Recommend You Study It Before Trying To Modify The Code In Anyway. So Basically You Will Host Your Very Own Website On-board The Arduino. You Will Connect To It Using The Predefined IP Address In The .INO File Below. I Will Have This Well Marked With Comments Inside The Code File. So Once You Have Finished All The Other Steps, Simply Run The Code On Arduino To Host Your Own Webpage! Continue To The Next Step To See How Your Website Can Be Searched On Google.

    Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)
    ArduinoWebServer.ino1 KB

    Step 4: Port Forwarding & Domain Registering

    Arduino Ethernet Web Server (HACKED)

    Port Forwarding

    Port Forwarding Can Be A Difficult Process If You Don't Have A Customer-Service Oriented Network Provider. For Me, Since I Live In Alabama, I Have Bright House Networks. I Can Simply Contact Them, And Tell Them I Need To Port Forward This IP ADDRESS: "YourPredefinedAddress" On TCP/UDP Protocols. And Then Your All Set On Port Forwarding. If You Dont Have A Provider Like Bright House, Then You Will Have To Research The Many Details Of Port Forwarding, As It Is Too Large Of A Topic To Cover At The Moment. To Get Yourself A Domain, Go To And Buy Yourself A Domain. Then Convert Your IP Address To Run On The Domain You Purchased From


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