7 segment pov 16F84

This is a post about the POV ( Persistence of Vision ) Display that uses one 7 Segment display.

In short, I made this little project as a proof of concept of something I 've always noticed in many electronic devices those used 7 segment display. Devices like 7 segment display clocks and meters.

In those devices, the 7 segment display was flickering instead of lighting it with steady volt and displaying the number accordingly. That flickering effect may be nice to some people and may be annoying for others.

So I decided to build this project so fast on a breadboard and wrote the C code for it.

The 7 segment displays text in the air ( Air Text )

Step 1: Design

7 segment pov 16F84

In this image you can see the 7 segment connected to the
PIC16F84A Microcontroller on a breadboard and flickering with numbers. I just made this 7 segment display flickers with different numbers I thought that if those flickering devices displayed many numbers at high speed and have been moved , guess what , the POV effect will be produced.

That's right. the same POV effect we 've seen made using LEDs can be produced by a single moving 7 segment display.

7 segment pov 16F84
7Segment POV.zip14 KB

Step 2: Circuit

7 segment pov 16F84
7 segment pov 16F84

Here, you can see some pictures of the breadboard while being waved to the left and right in front of the camera. The POV effect here makes our eyes ( and the camera too ) see the numbers as separate from there each other as four digits.

The circuit is very simple. I used a common anode 7 segment display directly driven by the PIC16F84A. And written the program in C code. The 7 segment patterns are directly sent to PORTB to be displayed on the 7 segment display. You can find the Proteus 7 model and C program here .

As for the Software , I used HiTech PIC Compiler.

I hope you enjoy this project.

Step 3: Run the Circuit

7 segment pov 16F84
7 segment pov 16F84

Here is a short video in 3GP Format.

You can see the video and the post on my blog :

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Thank you for visiting my instructable.

7 segment pov 16F84
7SegPOV.3gp8 MB

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