3D Printing a Klein Vase, Design Process
This Instructable guides you through a quick design process for 3D printing using 3D Creation Systems.

Step 1: Choose Something to 3D Print

3D Printing a Klein Vase, Design Process
Decide what you want to 3D print. A Klein bottle is an example of a non-orientable surface. It is technically impossible in real space, so this Klein Vase model is just a representation of it.

Step 2: Sketching

3D Printing a Klein Vase, Design Process
Instead of the standard Klein bottle shape, I wanted to do something more unique. To get a unique form, I sketched side views of the form. Sketching sideviews is a quick and easy way to get out many ideas. Trying to sketch forms in perspective view takes more time, making it harder to get your ideas out on the paper. Include ground lines if the form is supposed to sit on a surface. Include hand drawings if the form is meant to be held.

Step 3: One Direction

3D Printing a Klein Vase, Design Process
Choose the best design direction you have sketched. I wanted this to look the least like the existing Klein bottles people have made. I also like the attitude that this stance has.

Step 4: 3D Model

3D Printing a Klein Vase, Design Process
Create the 3D model. This Instructables goes through the steps of how this particular model was made in Solidworks

Step 5: Send an stl

3D Printing a Klein Vase, Design Process
Save the model as an stl file and send it to 3D Creation Systems to get 3D printed. 3D Creation Systems has a wide selection of materials to choose from. I wanted people to be able to see the complexity of the Klein Vase so I chose a clear material.

For clear 3D prints, you can sand and polish them to get a perfect surface. This instructables can guide you through polishing resins

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