3D Printed Golden Snitch

(Provided file does not have VT logo)

Shortly after getting my 3D printer, I needed to get my older sister a birthday present. Knowing that she's a huge Harry Potter fan, I decided to replicate one of the most iconic, and smallest, items from the series. To make the snitch more unique, I added the Virginia Tech logo to the front, because the only thing my sister likes more than Harry Potter is her alma mater.

The snitch file in this Ible does not have the VT logo in order to make the snitch more universal and avoid any copyright laws. I know little to nothing about copyright laws, but I prefer to stay away from them as much as I can.

Step 1: Print the Snitch and Wings

3D Printed Golden Snitch
3D Printed Golden Snitch

Two options for this step.

  • Download the attached STLs, add any emblem, and print the parts on your personal 3D printer.
  • (Recommended) Visit my Shapeways store, Dan's Additive Goods, to get the parts professionally printed in the correct materials. I make a grand total of $1.75 on the parts, so I'm not angling for a pay day off these things. Snitch.STL
    3D Printed Golden Snitch
    Snitch.STL4 MB Wing_Snitch.STL
    3D Printed Golden Snitch
    Wing_Snitch.STL266 KB

    Step 2: Paint and Assemble

    3D Printed Golden Snitch
    3D Printed Golden Snitch

    With the help of

  • a modest paint stand
  • a thin paint brush
  • Antique Gold acrylic paint

    you can bring the snitch to life. Be careful not to dunk the snitch in paint because you may lose some of the detail and probably fill the inside with liquid gold.

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