3D printable car phone holder
I was riding in the car the other day i was wondering where i could set my iPod while it was playing my music and i couldn't find a good place for it so i deiced to make one and i am here to ell you how to make one.

Step 1: Step one download auto-desk 123d design

You download Autodesk 123d Design here for free.

Step 2: Step 2 make a box

3D printable car phone holder
the first step that i did was make a cube and clear out the center using the shell tool and deleted one side. and added a cube and edited the cube till it was like a fork. once i did that i coped it to the other side.

Step 3:

3D printable car phone holder
once i did that i made two prongs to hook in to the air vent on my car so it will have a place to hang in my truck.

Step 4: Now your done!

3D printable car phone holder
now you have your self a brand new car phone holder for your air vent using 123D design.

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