3D-print your own lampshade!
What if you could print any thing you would like?
Not just on paper but in 3D!
I designed my own lampshade by 3D printing!
I made this for my final school project as an interior designer.
I did some research on PLA (biodegradable plastic) and 3D-printing and this is the result!

You can easily learn how to 3D-print yourself or you can visit a Fablab (all over the world) where they can help you or do it for you!

Have fun!

Step 1: Make a design (CAD)

3D-print your own lampshade!
3D-print your own lampshade!
3D-print your own lampshade!
I made a design in Sketchup ( 3D sketchprogram).
I used the shape of a clover and made cutouts in each 'leaf'.
You can also make shapes with two, tree or 5 leaves!
Make sure that the cutouts are big enough to tangle the clovers.

You save the sketchup file as an .stl-file.
This is necessary to insert the design into the 3D-printer.
You will need special software to use a 3D-printer but I used everything in a FabLab.
The software transfers the design into different codes wich are necessary to print.
This implies thickness, heat, speed... of the desirable print.

Step 2: 3D print clovers

3D-print your own lampshade!
Now it's time to make the machine work!
Make sure the bed (platform) and the nozzle have the right temperature and position. (60C bed - 220C nozzle)
Insert the file, press the 'Print'-button and there you go!
It will be fascinating to watch! It can take a while though...

(Normally you can print 4 clovers at once.)

Step 3: Make chain

3D-print your own lampshade!
I printed 50 clovers (40 clovers + 10 with tree leaves) to make a lampshade.
You can easily slide them together and make a chain out of it.
They remain in the best position if you tangle them all in the same direction.

Step 4: Connect the ends

3D-print your own lampshade!
I you finished the sheet of clovers, you can attacht the ends by putting them together.
Now you have a nice cylinder.
It is possible that the clovers move and don't stay in the exact position.You can push them apart until it fits!

Step 5: Luminaire

3D-print your own lampshade!
3D-print your own lampshade!
I got some help with the making of the luminaire.
I made a small structure which looks a bit like a spider.
We couldn't make it crosswise because the legs wouldn't fit in the lampshade.
We left enough space between the legs so they can exactly fit right between two clovers.
n the middle of the structure we made a small circle wich contains the lamp!

We made a second one with a small adjustment.
The legs run diagonally to the center so the lamp is closer near the table or floor and can shine trough more clovers!

We used a LED, 1W will be enough.
You might want to look for a warm white light, candleshaped or normal bulb, not a spot because it will only give light at 30.

Step 6: Hang it up!

3D-print your own lampshade!
By making a small too with a curl (same material as the structure) you can hang the lamp from the ceiling.
You would also have to make a litlhe curl at the bottom of the structure of course...

Step 7: Nightlight!

3D-print your own lampshade!
You can also use the lampshade without a structure!
Just put a light on the table or floor and put the shade over it!
I bet you'll have a good night's sleep with your selfmade 3D lamp!

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