3D print  |   VW ring
3D print  |   VW ring
3D print  |   VW ring
3D print  |   VW ring
3D print  |   VW ring
3D print  |   VW ring
3D print  |   VW ring
1. Model in Maya
2. Model exported to NetFab
3. Screenshot of the 3D-printer program. Here you could see an profile of the print. The green color is the printed model. The blue color is the dragmaterial to suport the 3D print.
4. Same as the picture number 3. You could see how the 3D printer build the object.
5. On this picture you can see the 3D printer in operation.
6. The final result.
7. The final using result.

3D printing VW bus

Iíve made this model with the 3d animation programe Maya. I'ts a ring with a litte VW bus driving on it. I would like to make a small object so I could see till how small i could go. I modeling a little wheel and side mirrors on the bus. Iím wondering if this could also be visible on the 3D print. In the model you can see there are little open gates and the car is hollow inside. For the 3D printer is this more difficult. The best printer you could use for this object is a 3D printer what also could print dragmaterial. This dragmaterial dissolved when you put this in a special watertub for it.

What you need:
- 3D Maya (ore another modeling program)
- when you use Maya you need a progam like "NetFab" to confert it to an "STL" file (the 3d printer canít read a Maya OBJ)
- 3D printer

To control your object, and you model it in Maya, you need to press on Mesh - triangluate. Because, sometimes there some planes are to big, the printer canít read it and make an hole in your object. Then, "select all" and make one object of it whit "Combine". This is necessary because otherwise Iíts possible the 3D printer make 2 objects of it. Than, "select all" and "export" is as an "Maya OBJ" file. The 3D printer canít read a Maya OBJ, so you need a program like "NetFab". This programe could make a "STL" file of it. You opened the Maya OBJ file in "NetFab" and press first the little cross "repair". Then File- Export as a "STL" file.

I try to find out how small I could go with the 3D printer. You could see on the 3D printed object the wheel in the car an the little mirrors on the side. On the back of the car you can see the little lights!

Iít very difficult to see the exact size of the object. The first ring was to small. 16mm. so I scale the object a little bit bigger and try it again. Now he is 17,5 mm and it fits!

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