Xbox Live Headset Amp
Xbox Live Headset Amp
Do your Xbox Live friends and opponents always sound like they have something in their mouth? Not anymore with the Xbox Live Headset Amp! Just plug it into your controller and plug your regular headset into the amp and it will sound like your friends are right there in the room!The Xbox Live Headset Amp was designed by me, nmcclana. I've always had difficulty hearing my friends on Xbox Live (maybe I'm deaf? Or maybe it's the crappy compression), so I made this project.You can get the kit from Gadget Gangster. But, if you'd like to gather the parts yourself, you'll need the following.

Parts list

  • Resistor - 3.3k and a 10k Potentiometer
  • A 2.5mm and 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Gadget Gangster project board (Boss Board)
  • LM386 DIP
  • 3xAA battery pack
  • 220 uF cap
  • hookup wire
  • You'll also need a soldering iron, solder, and wire cutters, and a 2.5 -3.5mm dubbing cable (to connect the controller to the amp). A 3.5mm dubbing cable and cellphone headset adapter should work, too.

    Step 1: Wiring

    Xbox Live Headset Amp
    Use a bit of excess wire to bridge the connections noted below - there should be 7 total connections. Also add the Audio amp as shown below. Pin 1 is between J24 - J25

    Step 2: Jumpers & Resistor

    Xbox Live Headset Amp
    Add jumpers as noted in the image below. Add the resistor from D18 - D22. It should be 3.3k (Red - Red - Red).

    Step 3: Connectors

    Xbox Live Headset Amp
    Now add the 2.5mm jack as on the photo. The 3.5mm jack fits right on the board in the box labeled [Pk]. The output cap goes at M22 - N22.

    The potentiometer controls the volume. it goes at C22 - C24 - G23

    Step 4: Finish Up

    Xbox Live Headset Amp
    Last thing is to add power. Take the battery box, thread the wires through the board as shown on the photo and connect the power - the black wire goes to N2, and the red cable goes to O4. You're all done! To use, flip the switch on the battery box, connect your headset to the 2.5 mm jack, and your controller to the 3.5mm jack. You'll need a 2.5mm dubbing cable, or use regular 3.5mm dubbing cable and a cell phone headset adapter. Enjoy, and let me know how it goes! You can comment or order the kit on Gadget Gangster

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