Wii 91 pin strike
I will show you how to make a 91 pin strike in wii owling training-power throws.

Step 1: The materials

Wii 91 pin strike
you need to have a wii, wii sports....and a tv. Thats all.

Step 2: Training

Wii 91 pin strike
Open your wii, go in wii sports, go in training(it is in the bottom right) and go in bowling, power throws(in the middle)


Wii 91 pin strike
in the power throws, try to get strikes up to where there are 91 pins.(practice your throw)

Step 4: STEEEERIKE!!!!

Wii 91 pin strike
now you have to strike the 91st pin.
press on a so you can change angles. Press on the right arrow two times(so you hear EXACTLY two clicks no more no less) to the right and go to the far right.( if your a leftie, do exactly the opposite).Throw the bowling ball on the blue "metal" bar(it just probably is metal) and throw is presicly so it goes all the way. you should hear a click, a boom and all your pins should fall down.

Step 5: Demonstration.

Wii 91 pin strike

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