Stream Music To Your PSP Without Homebrew
This is very handy if you didn't buy a large memory card for your device and you have a huge amount of music. You need to have a wireless network if you want to do this. You don't have to configure a web server or anything.
Stream Music To Your PSP Without Homebrew
dotnetfx.exe22 MB
Stream Music To Your PSP Without Homebrew
psp_media_setup_3_01_installer_2.exe1 MB

Step 1: Get Everything

Download the two things on the first page and install the "dotnetfx" and the other file in that order. If needed update your psp to 2.70 or higher. To check what version you have go to "settings" scroll to system settings then scroll to system information and click that, your number will be next to system software. If it's lower than 2.70 go to your setting menu and click network update.

Step 2: Configure

Once you opened the program double click the psp icon in your system tray and the main window should open (the one on your computer not your house) in the bottom right corner click the "ip" button and type the local ip into your psp web browser. The page should load up . Now you click media (at the top) and then click add file (you have to go one at a time ) or at the bottom left corner click folders and you can select the folders you want and all the music in that folder you selected. you can do many thing with this like play flash games that are stored on your pc or you can browse for music with the file browser all on the psp.

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