Tired of the stickers falling off of your Rubik's cube? Here is a simple and cheap solution to making your cube last longer and look cooler!

Step 1: What you'll need.

Scissors, a ruler, a pen, 6 different colored foam pads (the thinner the better), and brush on Krazy glue (I got the kind made for plastic and leather... etc).

Step 2: Prep your cube.

Sticker-free Rubik's cube!
Remove the stickers from your cube. Try to get as much of the stickyness off of the cube. I accomplished this using Goo B Gone.

Step 3: Squares

Sticker-free Rubik's cube!
Cut 9 squares from each color. Make sure that they fit on the cube without affecting the cubes rotation. You can use the ruler to make perfect squares but I found this almost impossible and too time consuming so I just eye balled them.

Step 4: Glue on the squares.

Sticker-free Rubik's cube!
Using the super glue, brush on a THIN coat of glue onto the FOAM CUBES. Try to get as close to the edges as possible so that the corners will not raise after excessive use. Do one cube at a time or the glue will dry.Be very careful not to get any on your hand... its called SUPER GLUE for a reason.Place the foam cube onto the Rubik's cube. I worked from left to right, top to bottom and found it to be the easiest. Make sure you get the square centered on the first time, the glue dries very rapidly.

Step 5: Let it rest.

Sticker-free Rubik's cube!
After all the cubes have been placed onto your Rubik's cube, let the glue dry for at least a half an hour before attempting to solve the cube.

Step 6: Scramble and solve!

Sticker-free Rubik's cube!
Scramble and solve your new Rubik's cube!

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