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Simple "Wet The Bed" Prank
Simple prank to make it look like someone "wet the bed" All you need is:
>Ziplock bag (cannot use zipper ziplock)
>VICTIM's bed

Step 1: Construct the Prank

Simple "Wet The Bed" Prank
Simple "Wet The Bed" Prank
Take the Ziplock and fill it with water. If you use a double seal bag then cut off the first seal.

Step 2: Close it all up

Simple "Wet The Bed" Prank
seal the bag but leave a very small gap between the seal. if you leave i open too much it will leak and give away the prank. if you seal it too much it won't burst open. it is okay if it leaks a little. if you don't want to risk it you can try using one strip of scotch tape to temporarily seal it.

Step 3: Placing

Simple "Wet The Bed" Prank
Now place it dirrectly under the pillowcase. wait until morning........ your victim
should have a nice and wet bed! Have fun :)

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