Scenario Paintball
In this instructable I will be telling you the basics of Scenario Paintball

Step 1: What Is Scenario paintball?

Scenario Paintball
Scenario paintball is a type of paintball game that adds a specific theme or story to the paintball game. Themes vary widely, including re-creations of historic battles, popular movie themes, holiday themes and more. The general rule for being a "scenario" is if players or teams are pretending to be something other than paintball players, the game is most likely a scenario.

Step 2: Marker Choices...

Scenario Paintball
Choices, Choices, Choices...Your best bet would be a Tippmann or BT brand gun. I say that because TIppmann make the most durable guns in the world and BT guns are very realistic as are Tippmanns. An EXTREMELY good gun is the Tippmann X7.

Step 3: Gear/Apparel

Scenario Paintball
The first thing would will see or might not see is a Ghillie suit or Bushman suit. this suit consist of burlap or jute strung together creating a "Woodsy" type suit. Other Scenario Paintball players might wear a Tactical vest that can carry pods, CO2, etc.. I my self just wear a tactical woodsball pod belt.

Step 4: Thats All!

I hope this instructable helped you as most scenario players know there is much more that could never fit all these pages so if you need more info Search google or go to a local paintball store and he would be more than glad to help you

I would be more than happy to answer any questions...just post on this instructable

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