Rubyrint - rubik cube labyrinth
Rubyrint - rubik cube labyrinth

The purpose of this instructable is to build a fun game with and old rubik cube laying around.

Rubyrinth is a Rubik cube that has paths, forks and 2 gates on its faces instead of colors.
The goal of the game is to connect the 2 gates with the longest path

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Step 1: Draw the labyrinth

Rubyrint - rubik cube labyrinth
The first thing to do is draw the labyrinth. You can do it following these steps:
  • cover the rubik cube faces with a white label
  • draw the labyrinth with a pencil
  • sketch the resulting faces on a paper
  • design a cool looking labyrinth with an editor following the paper sketch If you want to fast the things up, you can download my photoshop template and edit with your own labyrinth

    NOTE: if you add a lot of forks, the game will become easier
    Rubyrint - rubik cube labyrinth
    rubik_labyrinth.psd3 MB

    Step 2: Print & Cut

    Rubyrint - rubik cube labyrinth
  • Print the resulting image and cut each face
  • Attach each face on the cube following the paper sketch produced in the first step
  • Look at your amazing 3d labyrinth

    Step 3: Play

    Rubyrint - rubik cube labyrinth
    Now play with it! Challenge your friend to find the longest path that connects the two gates

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