Radio control fighting cars!
Radio control fighting cars!
With a bit of Sugru, a few balloons and some kitchen knives, you too can enjoy the thrill of having your cheap radio controlled cars fight. To the death!

Step 1: The build

Radio control fighting cars!
Inflate a balloon about half way then duct tape the neck to the car.
Take your balloon wearing RC cars and use some Sugru to bond a knife (or knives!) to the vehicles. (Sugru is great as it is tough and gap filling, & despite the strong adhesion you can remove it again)

You can see where this is going? Good stuff! If not, watch the video "Mk1 rc fight club" on YouTube:

(Sorry for the dodgy screen grabs, blame the DRM. The video is in HD!)

Step 2: Orange wins!

Radio control fighting cars!
Warning: Spoilers above.

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