Mustache Straw
Mustaches are classy. And who doesn't want to be classy when taking a sip of their favorite beverage? Not me.

These paper mustaches are quick and easy to make, and will bring a smile to your friends faces...along with paper facial hair.

Step 1: You will need

Mustache Straw
  • Card stock, or a stiffer paper, in whatever color you choose
  • Bendy straws
  • Scissors and/or an exacto-knife
  • Hole punch
  • Step 2: Templates

    Mustache Straw
    Take a minute to go online and find some mustaches you want on your face. If you google image search "mustache template" plenty of options will pop up. I opted for these.

    Print and cut them out.

    Step 3: Trace and cut 'stache

    Mustache Straw
    Mustache Straw
    Using your templates, take a pencil and trace them onto your card stock.

    Cut out. Hole-punch a hole in the center.

    Step 4: Don

    Mustache Straw
    Hip hip hooray! Place your 'stache on your straw and rock the Pencil, Handlebar, Dali, Walrus, or whatever other style tickles your fancy upper lip.

    Happy sipping!

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