Mini Glider
5cm long glider with an 8cm wing span

Step 1:

Mini Glider
Things needed
1. Paper
2. Pen
3. Rule
4. Scissor

First: draw the diagram as shown in the image.

Step 2:

Mini Glider
Mini Glider
Cut out the diagram and fold it exactly in half.
Use glue.
Fold the wings out.

Step 3:

Mini Glider
Mini Glider
Roll the thingy on the nose around the fuselage.

Step 4:

Mini Glider
And your done!
Please keep in mind that this glider is very sensitive to slight winds.

Step 5:

Mini Glider
Now you can make your own glider of any size by using the same proportions.
Keep these facts in mind for a good design
1. The wing shouldn't be on the center of the fuselage but a little towards the nose.
2. The area of paper used on side 'A' should be equal to side 'B'. This can be done by first measuring the area of side 'A' and then adjusting the length of 'X' so that the area of 'B' would be the same as 'A'.

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