LEGO Desktop Power Supply
LEGO Desktop Power Supply
LEGO Desktop Power Supply
LEGO Desktop Power Supply
LEGO Desktop Power Supply
LEGO Desktop Power Supply
LEGO Desktop Power Supply
LEGO Desktop Power Supply
Yes their are many atx power supply's out there, however mine is made of LEGO!

This can be made to power about anything! I made mine to power my 8x8x8 LED Cube (instructable to come soon) and anything else I make in the future! It is now the most useful thing in my workshop!

Computer power supply's are great as they supply a tremendous amount of power in 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. Some also have -12v and things like that, however mine did not. There are many instructables on how to make one of these, so I will not go into the details, so for the electronics part search atx desktop power supply.

However, here are the basics:
-When Building a power supply like this you have two choices; you can directly open the power supply and put the binding post directly on the atx, (like this)or you can make a box to put it all in and use the wires that just come right out the side already.
-I chose to build a box around it (the legos) because i didn't want to hurt anything inside it or hurt myself.
-Basically you have a working power supply the minute you take it out of an old computer. all you have to know is which wires to use.

Which wires do what?:
-Note that this is not the same for everyone, it depends on your model and manufacture, so just Google the pin out of yours. Mine is below.
-Yellow wires- 12 volt
-Red wires- 5 Volt
-Blue wires- 3.3 Volt
-Black wires- Ground
-Purple wire -Standby, This wire provides a 5v signal when the power supply is plugged in. Hooked to standby LED.
-Gray wire- Power switch- simply connect this to a ground to turn on the power supply. Hooked to switch.
-Orange wire- power good- the power supply runs through a cycle when you turn it on to make sure its still ok, when done this wire is turned on (originally there to tell the motherboard of a computer to continue with boot up process). This is Hooked to the Power On LED.

Here is what i did:
-The base is a big green Lego base plate screwed to a piece of wood.
-The atx is simply mounted to the top with a piece of wire.
-A 10ohm 10watt resistor to have load on the atx at all times
-I put a main power switch a standby led and a power on led.
-I originally had fuses in here as I did not want 30amps running through my projects. But they kept blowing and I ran out.... So i temporally "Fixed it".


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