How to play ninja paintball
this is a new game that uses the old techniques of the ninjas.

Step 1: Stuff you need

How to play ninja paintball
as you can guess, ninjas pack light. you need dark clothes, a gun, a sword of some sort, paint(balls)
and a playing field.

Step 2: Rules

How to play ninja paintball
to get a person out, you can shot them,(you only get one shot per other player) kung-fuing them,(instant kill if to head or chest, 2 hits on arms, legs and back. does not count if they block it.)or hit them with a sword.(same as kung-fuing.) you also die by losing 2 weapons (dropping a sword or running out of paint balls.

Step 3: Playing

How to play ninja paintball
you basically run around beating the shit out of each other. but remember safety.
and, to totally dress like a ninja!

Step 4: Have fun!

and be careful. you can get hurt plying, and that's not,rock out out young grasshopper!

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