How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are fun, they can also be not fun, if you are building a hard jigsaw puzzle (or an easy one) these few tips should help.

I have compiled a full step-by-step how to complete a jigsaw puzzle.

I am using a 100 (108, the box was wrong!) piece jigsaw puzzle, I used a smaller puzzle to work on because I had to pull it apart and put it together a few times.

Well, enough of the intro, lets get started!

Step 1: Separation.

How to complete a jigsaw puzzle
How to complete a jigsaw puzzle
How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

The first thing you should do before starting any jigsaw is separate the pieces (actually, you should take it out of the box...) start this by separating the edges from the middle pieces.

Once you have done that, take out the corner pieces.

Now, with all the straight edge pieces it is time to color sort, put light pieces with light pieces, dark with dark and medium color with medium color, if you don't have many medium color pieces just put them with the closest category.

When you have done that you should scroll down to the next step!

Step 2: First placement!

How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

Now, you should start to see the patterns in the edge pieces, put together the easy parts and then the harder parts, when you have finished that, you have made what is known as "the frame".

Now you can start separating the middle pieces into colors!

Step 3: Middle pieces!

How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

To separate the middle pieces you will use the same principle as the edges, if you see any patterns appearing in certain pieces separate them, I have 5 piles, going from top to bottom-left to right I will explain them;

Light color pieces, these are going to go together so I pile them up.

Mostly blue pieces, these have no "light or dark" category but I saw a pattern.

Random pieces, these couldn't fit in any of my 4 categories so they got a category of their own.

Fish and coral, this particular puzzle is an underwater scene so these will go together.

Last but not least I have a pile of black pieces, judging by the patterns depicted on these pieces I can tell that they will go together.

Step 4: Category placement.

How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

I chose to work on the black category first because I saw it made a turtle, putting this together was easy so I did it first.

When putting together a smaller category (like the black one) be sure to make it inside the frame or it may be hard to transfer later!

Step 5: Category placement (2).

How to complete a jigsaw puzzle
How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

Now I chose to do the light category.

The reason for choosing this category next was because I could see it went on the top of the puzzle.

At this stage I could see that the blue category completed the dolphins so I put it in.

Step 6: More placement!

How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

Now, I have two options, I can put in the random pieces or the coral and fish pieces, I choose the coral an fish because I only have 8 random pieces and I will be able to easily see where they go after putting the fish and coral in.

BTW, at this stage I have placed 100 pieces, I still have 8 left, the box states that it is a 100 piece puzzle!

Step 7: Finishing the puzzle!

How to complete a jigsaw puzzle
How to complete a jigsaw puzzle

Now, I can very easily see where the 8 remaining pieces go so I put them in and complete the puzzle.

The principles of separating and placing are the same throughout jigsaw world, if you have a different method that you like my advice to you is: "Stick to it!" Why change something that already works?

Thanks for viewing, please check out my other instructables I am on a mission to reach 50,000 views!


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