Hive game with box

I bought Hive more than two years ago, and even if I don't play it so often, I like this game and showed it to friends. Coincidently, a birthday is coming, so why not a custom-made wooden Hive ? I saw an intructable a while ago with a laser-cut Hive, and since now I have access to a fablab with a laser cutter, I prepared a vector file.

Step 1: Vector file

Hive game with box

Here is the vector file I used. I made it with Inkscape, I included all original pieces plus the three official extensions (Mosquito, Ladybug and Pillbug) and an extra community-based one, the Earthworm. There are additional hexagons to be glued together to give a nice piece in hand. I also included the necessary parts for the box.

Hive game with box
Hive.pdf130 KB
Hive game with box
Hive.svg469 KB

Step 2: Materials

I used a 420*720*5 mm MDF board.

I pre-painted it white with an aerosol paint, but if I make another one I'll go with classic paint, this one was to light.

To prevent some burns, I covered the painted surface with paper tape.

Step 3: Laser cutting

Hive game with box

I forgot to take pictures of the cutting, just remember to slow the laser movements / power it up to account for the extra thickness of the tape.

This is after engraving and cutting, the tape is still on and burned, it was useful after all.

Step 4: Painting

Hive game with box

I painted 30 hexagons, half black and half white to make the back of the pieces.

Meanwhile I made four wedges on scrap wood to hold the pieces in the box.

Step 5: Glueing

Hive game with box
Hive game with box

I prepared all the pieces with the front, middle and back hexagon then glued them. I glued the box and wedges too.

Step 6: Finished

Hive game with box

And this is the resulting box with the pieces inside, time to wrap it and give it !


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