Freddy Krueger Makeup

Create this burnt up look with a bald cap, spirit gum, liquid latex, cotton balls, plastic wrap, makeup and optional fake blood and fake flesh.

Step 1: Bald Cap & Prep

Freddy Krueger Makeup

Put on a bald cap and secure it to the skin with spirit gum. Tear and roll cotton balls into long, snake-like strips.

Step 2: Texturizing

Freddy Krueger Makeup

Put a layer of liquid latex on the skin as an adhesive for the cotton balls. Wind and curl the cotton ball strips over the face, creating a textured base. Add more liquid latex as needed. Cut out some small sheets of plastic wrap and lay them over the cotton ball strip base, securing with more liquid latex as needed, be careful not to cover the eyes, mouth or nostrils.

Step 3: Makeup

Apply darker colored makeup (purple and red work really well) to the depressions in-between the cotton ball rolls. Use fake flesh, skin toned makeups, or foundation to cover the raised cotton ball areas.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Freddy Krueger Makeup

Add a black fedora, black and red striped shirt, and the infamous Freddy glove and there you have it, the stuff nightmares are made of!


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