NOTICE: THIS METHOD IS BY NO MEANS GUARANTEED TO FIX ANYTHING. In fact, it may even be more likely to DAMAGE your system than fix it. STOP with the comments, I know this process is not scientific or exact. Hell, I'm probably wrong about most of the information here. Like 30-33% of Xbox 360 users, I have had the misfortune of experiencing the red ring of death on the front of my Xbox. What this means is that your Xbox 360 is experiencing a hardware malfunction. There are several different ways that are rumored to fix this problem, however I will demonstrate the most widely used method, more commonly known as the "Towel Method"This method is only temporary, there have been reports of users using this method frequently to keep their Xbox running. I urge that you contact Microsoft customer support and have them mail you an empty box (coffin) to ship your precious console off to Texas where it will be repaired.Important!Before you watch the movie or view the instructible, note that I have already used the method depicted here on my Xbox successfully, so I can't exactly replicate it (now that it's fixed) for the movie. When I get the Rings again I will redo the movie to show you exactly how it works. For now enjoy my badly made and extremely corny movie.Also ImportantI don't suck at Guitar Hero, this was only a demonstration where I goofed up once because it was like 2 a.m. when I made the movie. For proof that I don't suck, I direct you to another of my videos. For additional proof of the same song but up close on the fingers, please go here.Note: for whatever reason, my sound cuts out at the beginning of the movie, but the first sentence is: "Like 30-33% of Xbox 360 owners, I have expiuerenced the red rings of death." Enjoy!

Step 1: Diagnose the problem.

Fix the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death
Different lit and unlit quadrants mean different errors in your 360. Below I have made an extremely badly drawn chart to show you what your error message means. All four quadrants lit and blinking: A/V Cable malfunctionSolution: Push it in farther or buy a new oneSecond quadrant unlit, all others lit and blinking: Overheating malfunction.Solution: Use this Instructible, it works!Third quadrant unlit, all others lit and blinking: General hardware failure.Solution: Send it to Microsoft, this Instructible will NOT help.If your Xbox has the second quadrant unlit, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Preperation

Fix the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death
Fix the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death
The materials needed for this fix are simple, two to three towels.

To prepare your Xbox, remove any controllers attached, discs in the drive, and your hard drive if you have one.

Lay the Xbox on a towel and wrap it up tight. Proceed to layer one or two other towels over this one to ensure that it's nice and toasty.

Step 3: Now we wait...

Fix the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death
Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and sit back and wait. While waiting I took more takes of things I did awful for the movie, but you could....1. Listen to music2. Take a jog3. Work on another Instructible4. Surf the web5. Start creating a beginner electronics project6. ???7. Profit

Step 4: Play!

Fix the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death
If this method didn't work the first time, wait for the 360 to cool off then repeat the method waiting 20 minutes instead of 15. I can't stress enough that this is a temporary fix however, and I strongly urge that you go to Microsoft's website and visit their customer support page. Microsoft has extended warranties on all 360s that receive this error by three years, so you should be covered for the damage.Now go play some games!

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