Chips Bag Wallet
Chips Bag Wallet

This chips bag wallet isn't better than many of the other wallets on this site. (especially this one I really like: Potato-Chip-Bag-Wallet) This is just the type of wallet I use for some time now that I wanted the share with you.

  • It is really easy to make
  • It is free.
  • It is extremely compact
  • It is flat in my pocket
  • It just works for me

    Step 1: You will need

    Chips Bag Wallet
    Chips Bag Wallet


  • chips bag(s)


  • Sealing machine
  • Scissors

    Step 2: Wash the bags

    Chips Bag Wallet
    Chips Bag Wallet

    First the easiest part: eat the chips :)

    Normally chips are greasy and crumbly, so you need to wash out the chips bag(s). This is the part of this project that takes up the most time.

    I sometimes turn them inside out to wash them and I put them upside down to dry.

    Step 3: Cut to size

    Chips Bag Wallet
    Chips Bag Wallet
    Chips Bag Wallet

    Some chips bags have exactly the width I want, so you only have to cut the hight, but in this case I had to cut both.

    First measure how high you want your wallet to be. For me that is the hight of my credit cards.

    Use the scissors to cut the bag.

    For now we are not cutting the width yet.

    Step 4: Seal the wallet

    Chips Bag Wallet
    Chips Bag Wallet
    Chips Bag Wallet

    I put the money and the cards in separate compartments.

    If you use a sealer like mine, you put half of your carts in de bag and use the sealer to make the compartment for them. The slag in the bag will make enough room for all your cards.

    Measure how much width you need for your money and make the next seal.

    My sealer has a knife build in to cut off the excess material. If yours doesn't, you use your scissors.

    Step 5: Finished

    Chips Bag Wallet
    Chips Bag Wallet

    Thats all!

    Put your stuff in it, and wrap the money around the cards and you have a really compact, free, easy to make wallet.

    It normally takes me less than 5 minutes to make one (without the cleaning) and they last more than two months before I need to make a new one.

    I could make more in advance, but I never do.


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