Cheap DIY Guitar Picks

Recently I started playing the guitar and it was then I realised something, most picks are pretty ugly... So I set off to make some custom, cool and fun picks that anyone could make

Step 1: Supplies

Cheap DIY Guitar Picks

You will need:

  • An old gift card, debit card, or another plastic card alike
  • A guitar pick template: there are 100s of different templates online, pick one you like and print it out
  • Nail Polish: chances are if you have women in your house, you probably have a bottle or two lying around. If not, do not fret (haha fret, get it)! The dollar store often sells low end quality polish
  • A good pair of scissors
  • A sharpie or permanent marker (not pictured)

    Step 2: Cutting and Tracing

    Cheap DIY Guitar Picks
    Cheap DIY Guitar Picks

    Print and cut out your template. After that, draw around the template on your card of choice with a sharpie.

    Step 3: More Cutting

    Cheap DIY Guitar Picks

    Cut out as many picks as you like. I went for three to start off with, but made a bunch more later!

    Step 4: Get Creative

    Cheap DIY Guitar Picks

    Now it's time to paint. If you want a very high end final product I also suggest using a top coat and base coat. You might also have to use several coats of nail polish, depending on how thick the polish is.

    How to Paint Solid Colours:

  • Lie your pick down on a flat, covered surface
  • Add your base coat (if using one) and wait to dry for a minute
  • Add your first coat and wait five minutes to dry
  • Add your second coat (if needed) and wait another five minutes
  • Add your top coat (if using) and wait to dry for a minute
  • Flip over and repeat on other side

    How to do a Striped Pattern (you will also need masking tape):

  • Do steps 1-5 of "How to Paint Solid Colours"
  • Add a few strips of painters tape where you would like the stripes
  • Do steps 2-4 of "How to Paint Solid Colours" with a different colour
  • Remove the tape carefully.
  • Add a top coat (if using)
  • Flip over and repeat on other side

    How to do an Ombre Effect (you will also need a makeup sponge):

  • Do steps 1-5 of "How to Paint Solid Colours"
  • Paint two lines of colour (horizontally) across the makeup sponge so they just touch
  • Dab the part of the sponge where the polish is on top of pick until the desired affect is achieved
  • Add your top coat (if using)
  • Flip over and repeat on other side


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