Become Rocket Engineer!
Have your parents, grandparents or friends told You that You can be anyone? So, why not to become rocket engineer?! Without graduate Physics on MIT!
I'll show You how to build rocket and launching platform, how to made rocket fuel and safely ignition method.

Things, You need:
Big paper clip
Aluminium foil, 6 x 2 cm

Also, You will need some tools:

Step 1: Launching platform

Become Rocket Engineer!
Take a paper clip and bend it out to get a triangle-shaped base with one part pointing up. Angle between base and those last part should be about 45 degree.

Step 2: Rocket

Become Rocket Engineer!
Take one piece of aluminium foil, dimensions should be 6 x 2cm. Find thickest match in a box. I've used some kind of stick used for making some dishes instead of match. This will be our form for rocket body. Roll foil on the match. You should get 2cm long "pipe". Slide it a little, 5mm, and sqash it up to the cone shape. When you are done, slide aluminium completly.

Step 3: Rocket fuel

Become Rocket Engineer!
Become Rocket Engineer!
Use your knife to scrape coating from the head of one match. Carefully, put it inside the rocket body. This will be our fuel. You can use match to compact fuel inside. Alternatively, instead of scraping, You can cut whole match head and put it inside. Both methods are ok.

Step 4: Preparing to launch

Become Rocket Engineer!
Become Rocket Engineer!
Become Rocket Engineer!
Take rocket in one hand, hold it and put launcher's wire inside. Squash it again, and roll squashed piece, with wire still inside. This will form nozzle of our rocket engine.

All work done.

Step 5: 3... 2... 1... ignition!

Become Rocket Engineer!

Like every rocket on the world, this one should be launched OUTSIDE.
Put launcher on the ground. You can stick it down using scotch. Use your lighter to heat rocket, and You will see Your spaceship fly!

Kind regards for Chris Hadfield!

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