Ariel costume (blue dress)
Ariel costume (blue dress)
Ariel costume (blue dress)
Ariel costume (blue dress)

I made the dress for a cosplay competition at my local comic book store.
Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of my process. But it's super easy.

The costume exits out of 4 parts:


A simple semi-circle skirt in a lovely blue linen.
I love circle skirts because they are easy and just so flattering on a variety of shapes.
If you struggle with the calculations (my mom will love this), you can download a very convenient self-calculating worksheet here. The worksheet is set for inches, but you can just input in centimetres if you prefer, the calculations stay the same.


I bought a simple long sleeved white shirt and altered the neckline slightly. (It looks quite deep on the mannequin because I am several sizes bigger than her).


Corset making is an art, one I haven't mastered. Instead I made a simple tube top out of stretchy black jersey. I made it quite long so I had room to play for the point at the front.
Then spent about an hour in front of the mirror pinning it so I was happy with the shape.
For the point, I used chalk to mark where I wanted the top to end on my hips and in the front and connected with straight lines.
Hem top and bottom of top.


I followed the steps in this instructable for the bow. I did double the sizes as I wanted it to be quite big.
Finish by attaching a hair band and bob't your uncle.


Don't forget you dinglehopper! and have fun!


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