Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest Entry By Andrew Robinson
Helpful tricks to know...- White Buddah- Buddah's RevengeHelpful concepts to know...- "Hugs"- "Chopsticks"- "Tunnels"

Step 1: Explanation

Step by Step1 - Begin by throwing a breakaway into a 1.5 mount, but continue the motion until the yoyo hits the top string, and then land into the bottom string, just the same as the beginning of White Buddah.2 - Roll the into a 1.5 mount, and place your non-throwhand thumb on top of the strings, as in the Chopsticks concept.3 - Throw the yoyo while still in the 1.5 mount (as in Buddah's Revenge) in between your thumb and index finger.4 - Throw the yoyo back to the original 1.5 formation5 - Unmount the yoyo from the 1.5 position onto the bottom string as in the second step of Buddah's Revenge, then roll it back into the 1.5 position.6 - Throw the yoyo while in the 1.5 position towards your non-throwhand side (as in the first step of Buddah's Revenge) and use your throwhand index and thumb to open up the string formation.7 - Roll the yoyo into the furthest string away from you. (Towards your non-throwhand side)8 - Flip the yoyo around your non-throwhand fingers towards your non-throwhand fingers' side, (outside the formation) then drop the strings off of your throwhand index finger and thumb.9 - You should be in a simple undermount. If necessary, pull your throwhand toward you to be able to access the string on the furthest non-throwhand side, and roll the yoyo onto that string.10 - Unroll the yoyo onto the opposite string. You should now be in a Trapeze and Brother mount.11 - Dismount the yoyo towards your throwhand side, and swing around and mount onto your non-throwhand index finger, trapeze-style.12 - Drop the single string on your throwhand, and roll the yoyo toward your throwhand. You should be in Trapeze.13 - Use the "Hugs" concept here. Using your throwhand index finger, grab the closest string on the trapeze loop, and mount the yoyo on the string towards your non-throwhand. Your arms should be crossed now.14 - Dismount the yoyo towards your non-throwhand side, and swing the yoyo towards your throwhand side. At the same time, uncross your arms. Land the yoyo in a Trapeze and Brother mount.15 - Place your non-throwhand wrist inside the formation where your non-throwhand is. The string should be supported by the back of your hand. The formation should not change.16 - Using your non-throwhand index finger, grab the closest string of the "Trapeze loop" much like in step 13, but reversed.17 - Mount the yoyo towards your throwhand side, and use the "Hugs" concept again to dismount the yoyo towards your throwhand side, and swing around to your non-throwhand index finger and mount it like a trapeze.18 - Drop the strings off of your throwhand finger, and unroll the yoyo. You should be back in Trapeze again.19 - Repeat step 13-14 here. You should be in Trapeze and Brother.20 - Make sure you have a finger inside the Trapeze and Brother formation on your non-throwhand side. Grab the closest string on the Trapeze loop with your non-throwhand index finger, and pull your hands apart. You should be in a strange formation that is supported by both index fingers and has another string in the middle.21 - "Jump" the yoyo up and over the top string, towards your body. Turn your fingers towards you to untwist the string.22 - Using the "Tunnels" concept, open the string loop using your non-throwhand and place it on your throwhand wrist.Trick completed.Bonus Trick: Flyaway BindHelpful Trick to know...- "Dave Bind"1 - Perform a regular "Dave Bind", but as the yoyo collides into the strings, use your non-throwhand to somersault the formation up and around towards your non-throwhand side, then shooting straight up into the air.2 - If performed successfully, the yoyo should bind and return to a waiting hand.Bind completed.

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