$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
I bought a Kinect last week as my Christmas gift, the installation is straightforward, total installation time is under 10 minute, however it does not come with any mounting device. It's ok, I put it in front of my TV, just underneath the screen.

The bad thing came out when I try to switch the TV channel, the Kinect blocked the TV's IR receiver, I couldn't switch my TV with the remote controller. Should I buy the $39.99 official Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount Kit? It's enough to get another Kinect game for that price!

After a brief consideration, I'd choose to save the money for another game title.

Step 1: Materials

$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
All we need to build the Kinect mount is simple.

1. Book stand
2. Velcro pad with adhesive back

We will use a tall book stand as the Kinect mount body. When you select the stand at stores, please try to find one which is light in weight and easy to bend.

I chosed the one with punched holes on it that further reduce its weight, plus it will not fully blocks the TV's ventilation holes.

Step 2: The main construction

$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
Bend the book stand according to the curve of your TV back, keep the contact platform for Kinect level, otherwise your Kinect may not able to tilt for full body shot.

Step 3: Attach velcro strips

$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
Cut out the velcro pad as shown below, the size of the strips should match with your book stand and TV.

Important: Maximize the contact area with the book stand and TV result in better support in weight.

Step 4: Secure Kinect as well

$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
Two strips are enough to hold the Kinect

Step 5: Put everything together

$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
Peel off the adhesive back of the velcro strips and carefully attach the book stand to the TV. Avoid blocking any exhausting holes on TV.

Step 6: Enjoy

$3 DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount
Your DIY Kinect TV mount is done, in less than 30 minutes and for $3 only.

Bookstand cost $1.5
Velcro pad $1.5


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