2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
This is how to create your own tangram puzzle which can be used to create both 2D and 3D objects.

Step 1: What you need to get started

2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
Materials needed:

1 x A3 Masonite Board 3.2 mm thickness.

Tools needed:

1 x Laser Cutter on 80% power.

Image of Laser Cutter:
Accessed on 29/08/2012

Step 2: Cutting the tangram

2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
Send the file as a PDF/CDR format to the Laser Cutting machine and cut it on the masonite board.

Step 4: Assembling the container

2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
Step 1: Remove the container pieces from the cut-out.
Step 2: Fit the side panels on to the bottom panel ensuring that the there is one.
Step 3: Locate the lid on top of the sides of the container.

Step 5: Making a 2D object

2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
Place tangram puzzle pieces on a flat surface to create shapes from the geometric puzzle pieces, make sure that the pieces do not overlap, but rather that the edges are side by side.

Step 6: Creating 3D objects

2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
Use the slots in the 2D pieces to press-fit into one another, ensure that you do not force the pieces together, the pieces will support each other on a 3D scale.

Step 7: Packing away the Tangram

2D and 3D Tangram Puzzle
The Tangram pieces:

2 x Large Triangles.
1 x Medium Traiangle.
2 x Small Triangles.
1 x Parallelogram.
1 x Square.

There are 5 sets of each of the pieces mentioned above.
The sets stack on top of each other in the manner shown in the image below.

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