$100 'Notepad' prank
Here's a way to prank some of your friends and gets some laughs too. It's a $100 all in $1 bills.

Click here for the demonstration of the final product.


100 - CRISP $1 bills (if have money to burn, you can do $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bills)
padding glue
notepad cardboard

Step 1: Setup

$100 'Notepad' prank
$100 'Notepad' prank
$100 'Notepad' prank
$100 'Notepad' prank
$100 'Notepad' prank
$100 'Notepad' prank
- Go to your nearest bank and make a withdrawal of $100 but ask for one hundred $1 bills. Again, you can use larger denominations if you have money to waste. Ask the teller you want BRAND NEW BILLS.

- Grab a sheet of notepad cardboard. You can tear one off from an actual notepad. Cut two pieces of the cardboard the same size as the stack of bills.

- Take the money band off the stack of 100 and place it between the two pieces of cardboard you cut. Make sure you label it properly.

- Using binding clips and rubber bands, clamp the stack on the left, right, and bottom sides of the stack while using rubber bands to secure the top edge.

- Take some padding glue and put a few layers on the top edge of the bill. Since the layers are thin, it should dry in 30 minutes. To be safe, let it dry for 1-1.5 hours.

- Carefully take off the top piece of the cardboard by lifting up the cardboard slightly and running a ruler along the glued edges.

... Now your product is complete. When friends ask you for a dollar or two, simply peel off one or two bills depending on the amount. Try not to laugh as they give you a befuddled look. They may say it's fake but it is in fact REAL MONEY. HAPPY PRANKING AND ENJOY!!!

Click the video for a demonstration :-)

WARNING: Try this with friends and family ONLY. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK by trying to purchase something. You might get in trouble with the authorities. I CLAIM NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything that happens.
$100 'Notepad' prank
$100 'Notepad' prank - Step #1(516x290) 16 KB

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